Jewellery store robberies: Nightmare becomes reality

Imagine you are out shopping, looking at a lovely necklace, when robbers burst into the store, guns waving around and screaming at everyone to get down.

You don’t have to imagine. This is not a nightmare.

This scene has played itself out a number of times recently in Cape Town jewellery stores.

So, stop for a minute before heading into a nearby jewellery store to scope out all the sparkly bits and pieces.

A string of jewellery stores in Cape Town have been hit by armed robbers in recent weeks.

And you would not want to be there when that happens next.

Shops in Hout Bay, Somerset West, Franschhoek and at the Blue Route Mall have been targeted.

The most recent incident took place in Camps Bay in mid-January when robbers entered the store and held staff at gunpoint.

It’s not clear yet how much jewellery was taken.

They fled in a white BMW which was reported stolen from Kirstenhof earlier this month.


The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has expressed concern at the robberies.

“We’re very concerned because it seems as if it’s a regular occurrence instead of an irregular occurrence. Our businesses need to jack up their security,” said the chamber’s Janine Myburgh


Perhaps jewellery stores should look to 90s television for the answer to their security questions.

We’ve all seen that ancient Friends episode where Phoebe gets caught in a mantrap inside a jewellery store.

She’s trying on loads of different types of jewellery while she’s supposed to be keeping an eye on an engagement ring Chandler picked out for Monica.

Phoebe’s so distracted by her tiara and revolutionary war musket, she ends up locked inside the “little jail between the doors”.

A mantrap is a security device which monitors two interlocking doors which can never be open at the same time. If it was enough to trap Phoebe, surely this could be the answer for jewellery store robbers?