Jobs which aren’t as popular as they used to be


These days it can be difficult and overwhelming deciding what you want to study after school. The choices are limitless with so many pros and cons to each.

The internet has also opened up a realm of information about careers, making it difficult to know who or what to believe.

With that also comes a changing world which no longer offers the same career opportunities as it used to.

We’ve listed some of the professions which no longer offer the same financial benefits to those who study in these fields which they used to.



Enrollment at law schools across the world have plummeted. That is likely due to two reasons – it is known that the prospects of finding a job after completing school isn’t great and because of the crippling debt most people will have racked up during that period.


Family doctor

While some doctors do earn excellent salaries, family doctors aren’t well paid. They face a similar problem to that of lawyers. While they do earn quite a good salary, they face large amounts of debt after the years of studying which comes with medicine.


Travel agent

This is something which most people are doing online and for themselves. There is a wide range of website and apps available which makes it possible for us to figure out for ourselves where we should be travelling to, how to get there and what to do once there.



Part of what stockbrokers used to do can also be done online. We will all need some financial advice throughout our lives. But, chances are most people aren’t going to have the big bucks needed to invest in the stockmarket. What money they have, we’ll likely invest it ourselves without needing to call in a stockbroker.


The job market isn’t the same as it used to be. Both the internet and ever-increasing education costs mean that earning potential isn’t what it used to be. These days you’d be better off studying a diploma in business management which will teach you the skills to excel in commerce and industry.