Stellenbosch killing shocks South Africa

The killing of three family members in Stellenbosch this week has captured the public’s imagination.

Martin van Breda, 55, his wife Teresa, 54, and their son Rudi, 22, were found dead in their home.

Their daughter Marli, 16, was in a critical condition in hospital and son Henri, 20, was apparently slightly injured.

Initial reports have indicated that the younger son was questioned by police.

They were apparently hacked with an axe.

The family lived in the high security De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate.


Concerned people, particularly those in the Cape Town area, were initially shocked by the incident which at first seemed to be random.


De Zalze Homeowners Association chairperson Eben Potgieter told News24 there was no breach of security which had been found.

He said there was fence surrounding the estate and there were security cameras surrounding the property.

Photographs of the front entrance of the estate indicate there are boom gates which cars must stop at before entering.

Potgieter said it was unclear if anything was missing or stolen from the family’s home.

“Forensics will be on the scene for three days,” he said.

There are apparently three companies which manage security on site in addition to a neighbourhood watch.

Potgieter told EWN a neighbour’s domestic worker saw one of the sons bleeding and on the phone, which triggered concern, and led to the police being called.