Who are the trend setters?

manCelebrities, for starters have major influence on the masses to kick start a trend. Generally people who idealise these super stars will imitate their lifestyle and choices. That’s why it comes to no surprise that big brands will pay a huge sum of money to a celebrity for them to merely mention their brand. Journalists also have major influence on public opinion because they have the power to sway the masses in which every direction they want to. They control public opinion and it is believed that they always have the inside scoop, so how can they ever be wrong?


But they don’t set trends. They merely give it a push into pop culture. In actual fact the master minds behind these trends are stylists, designers and top executives.  Stylist and designers create the trends we follow, but executives decide which fads come and go.


Eban Human, a marketing analyst says, “It’s not famous people who bring in the popular trends like swag and class. It the top execs of the industry that decide what is hot and what is not, for a product to sell. It’s not only designer clothing that makes it into pop culture; it’s also internet sensations and trendy graphic designs.  Shopfitting in Johannesburg and Cape Town will follow the trend if they see what is hot right now because that’s the thing that will sell. Anything can be cool, if the execs want it to be. They ultimately have the power to influence because with it comes a lot of money.”


Sometimes it just so happens that these trends aren’t strategically planned. Sometimes it’s just pure luck for the stylist or designers for their creations to become trendy amongst the masses. Anything can go viral on the internet and before you can even wipe out your eyes, a new trend or person has become an overnight sensation. The internet has made it possible for everyone or anything to become popular, but whether or not the popularity lasts is another thing. That’s why celebs are used to keep up the fad or social movement. The ASL ice bucket challenge is a perfect example of how social movement can take place. Celebs started challenging each other to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads, while being filmed. All for a good cause, of cause. Not much later, millions of people participated and the ASL foundation made approximately $ 15 Million.


Not everyone can become trend setters, but certainly the majority of us can fall into following the trend. Those who have power to influence and persuade will always be known as the “trend setters,” but you will never really know who the master mind behind it is. All it takes is the right people to get involved and a whole bunch of internet followers these.