You can rob a bank…

If you want to spend your life in small cell thinking about the good old days before you went and did something as ludicrous as robbing bank, then you should probably go ahead and do it. If you go in thinking that all you have to do is shout, “Freeze! Nobody moves,” waving a gun around, then you stand a better chance of surviving the jump from an aeroplane. Without the parachute.

Is it possible with high-tech gadgets?

Biometric technologies such as eye/fingerprint scanning, man traps, silent alarms, exploding dye packs, and time-locked vaults would make a bank heist nearly impossible to achieve. If it wasn’t for technology improvement then robbing the bank wouldn’t have been simple for these guys:

Jack Flanagan reported for the Weekly, “A little more hard core is the Brazilian bank heist that took place in 2005. A group of men bought a house in central Fortaleza, in the province of Ceará. They put up a sign calling themselves a landscaping company and over the course of three months tunnelled beneath the house toward the vault of a Banco Central. They were meticulous — disabling the bank’s alarm system before the grab, and spreading burnt lime around the property to prevent finger prints. The money -160 million real-dollars was unmarked, meaning tracing was impossible.”

Money can be marked

If you do pull of the heist, there is something you should keep in mind. If the money is “marked,” i.e. if it is identifiable as stolen currency, you will be caught in an instant. Most banks have at least one bundle of bait money. This is a bundle of money on which the serial numbers are recorded and can only be made known to the individual bank until the bait money is stolen. There is no way you can remove the serial code or marking on the money. What would be the point then?

It’s not like the movies

A disguise would never work – Banks use tightly controlled ID cards that are checked in, checked out, and counted every night. If someone loses their card, it will be terminated immediately.

No point in targeting the money truck – There’s a button in the truck that sends out an emergency signal to armed response for back-up, who will show up with guns drawn. Someone in the truck will always be within arm’s reach of that button.

Many thieves have been caught because they flaunt their new found riches. Don’t think the neighbours won’t notice and don’t assume that people don’t talk. If you had the patience to plan the heist, have the patience to spend it at an inauspicious rate. The best advice: Just don’t do it.