Ensuring school safety and student care

Superintendents can emphasise the importance to school safety of creating a caring school community in which adults and students respect and trust each other. This will allow all students to feel connected, understand expectations, and accept the behavioural and mental health support they need to thrive at school.

Emergency exits

The school should have limited access to its entrance at all times.  The main entrance should be patrolled by security and perhaps even have steel bollards in place. All designated emergency entrances with access points should be locked from the outside.

Monitoring and surveillance

Monitoring of the school parking lot is one of the measures to take to prevent unscrupulous from taking place. There needs to be someone to oversee these areas at all times, as well as the supervision of the cafeteria, hallways and playgrounds. Get the neighbourhood involved in school-community projects to enforce such procedures.

Crises planning

Set measures in place that takes care of crisis’s that could arise. Get the faculty and learners involved in team building exercises as well as what to do in case of an emergency.  The drills should have a list of things to implement that faculty and students can do in the case of intruder alerts, weather and fire. There should be a regular review of plans and simulation drills, as well as aiding the staff to well answer and questions students may have.

Creating a safe, supportive school climate that provides the whole school with caring school program, with positive interventions and support, is a good base to start with counselling service. This will prevent bullying amongst pupils, develop social skills and aid in conflict mediation.

Pupils doing their part

Encourage students to take accountability for their part in maintaining safe school surroundings and include student participation in safety planning. Promote compliance with school rules, reporting potential problems to school officials, and resisting peer pressure to act irresponsibly. It won’t happen over a week, but continued implementation will make a difference in the long run. The school should also have an anonymous reporting system. This can include student hot lines, suggestion boxes and tell adult campaigns.

These guidelines are widely known, but scarcely implemented by schools. If a parent, a teacher or any other individual see that schools are lacking in this regard, then they should speak up. It could save a life of a loved one.