Home security for 2015

Protecting our homes is one of the most important aspects for home owners. However, what that means isn’t exactly clear: a locked door and closed window is hardly considered sufficient for proper protection. We need to consider all aspects of the home in order to properly prepare and prevent break-ins.

One of the most obvious ways is to consider installing an alarm system. This won’t just be about broken windows, but all manner of activities in the house that are indicative of danger, such as fire or flood. This can trigger an alarm that helps you and the relevant authorities respond.

These systems do not have to be expensive and you can enormously by installing them yourself. The Simple Dollar details, Flashpoint, one such security system, that has been highly-rated by experts consistently.

“Frontpoint® is also one of the few home-security monitoring providers that goes beyond fire, flood, and carbon-monoxide detection by including a service that can detect if there’s a break in your natural-gas line. They also have the ability to connect up to 39 sensors and your mobile device, bringing the safety and security of your home into the palm of your hand.”

This, combined with easy-to-understand installation instructions makes it an ideal option for most home owners.

But security alarms are one thing – prevention is another and seems to be the best option. There are all sorts of tricks and tips we can use, both simple and somewhat complicated,  that helps prevent break-ins. For example, as Buzzfeed recommends, you can use a length of wood to prevent a sliding window. This prevents the window sliding open.

Landscaping is another way to ensure security in the home. Forbes notes an important point by a police officer.

“A police officer interviewed by the Sun Sentinel suggested that landscaping and lighting are more critical to securing your home than replacing doors, locks and windows. The article referred to an approach called “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design,” which uses natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement, access control and “target hardening” to deter crime.”

By landscaping, this can mean everything from having gravel by your windows to having your fencing secure and visible constantly. This prevents burglars using your own property against you and also enhances its primary function as deterrent.

Security is not just alarms and locked doors – but can be a design decision and one that requires a mindset change from all home owners.