The latest tech for your bicycle

Cycling is dependent a lot on our own skills but also on what kind of tech we’re using. We usually don’t think about our bikes as pieces of technology, but, as with anything, they are constantly being improved on and are often at the cutting edge of smart thinking. This can range from the incredible and outlandish to the smartly innovative, that improves on what we all need.

For example, a lot of tech has gone into protecting bicycles. This is due to the fact that these are very expensive pieces of equipment, often requiring enormous amounts of money. Yet a lock and key often isn’t sufficient.

The Seatylock, for example, transforms a bike saddle into a lock. This incredible piece of tech extends and locks around stationary objects. The benefits are obvious: it doesn’t require you to carry a heavy lock around, it’s always there, and it’s easy-to-use functionality means it takes only a few seconds to secure (you don’t need bike chains and so on to get the bike secure.)

Another focus for tech and bicycles is Yerka. Here, they decided to engage directly with the bike’s design itself. As they state, they decided to “make a lock out of the bike. Now a thief would have to cut through the main structure to take the bicycle, defeating the purpose.”

There are other solutions to help you. The Standard recommends:

“Having a distinctive bicycle helps, says James Marr founder of the Bamboo Bicycle Club. “One of our customers built his own custom frame out of bamboo, and when it was stolen he went down to Brick Lane Market to see if anyone was stupid enough to sell it. They were! He called the police and could quickly and clearly prove that it was his bike. Other solutions are tape or lights that can make your bike stand out.”

People are applying all sorts of innovation to bikes and bicycle parts. For example, an Australian man built the first ever hybrid petrol/electric bicycle. 3D tech has helped and innovated all sorts of aspects of the world, but applying it to a form of transportation is essential to the overall goal of making a better kind of vehicle. After all, many have been suggesting bikes as an alternative to cars for some time – due to all the advantages.

It’s not surprising then that bikes would also be the focus of tech itself to be better, faster, and at the cutting edge of innovative technology.