Safety at university residence

The life of a student is amazing. You get to meet many different people whom you might end up building lifelong friendships with. The hours are hard and your life is built around studying and paving your way to a bright future. But that future can turn bleak if you don’t take care of yourself. Your safety on campus should be a priority as you look out not only for yourself, but for other students as well. You not only become a student community, but also a family.

The night out

There will come a time where your life won’t only revolve around studying, there will be time to hang out with friends also. Predators strike at night, on your way to your dorm room. This is the time when victims are in search of their keys, not paying attention to their surroundings. If at all possible, have someone to walk you home or ask the security to escort you. Let someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to be back. Before you leave the dorm, ensure that your cell phone is full charged and keep your traveling money separate from your wallet. Most universities have steel bollards in place and this is particular method that can also deter a perpetrator from speeding off with your goods.

Contacting security

Make sure that you have campus security numbers posted up on your fridge or stored on your cell phone. Just in case of an emergency you will immediately be able to contact someone for assistance. They are the first people who will be able to arrive to your aid, then after calling them, contact the police.

Better to be safe than sorry

If you want to stay late at the library, but notice that most of the people are leaving, then it’s in your best interest to follow suit. Being left alone in a quiet library puts a target on your back. If you absolutely have no other alternative then carry an alarm on your person when you make your way to your dorm. Also, avoid using your phone in secluded areas, and keep in mind that texting can distract you from what is happening around you. When you are out and about switch your cell phone to vibrate mode rather than a ring tone. So if your cell does go off, you are able to move to a surrounding that has more people, for you to answer your phone.

Always remain vigilant and safe. There are many bad people in this world, our lives go on as normal, but when we are caught in sudden danger, our lives stop in a matter of seconds. Be sure not to intentionally get yourself caught in a situation that could have been prevented.