How technology innovated security

There’s an ongoing concern with technology that has to do with security. That is, as technology improves that means both new tools to exploit and new tools for exploiting. For example, a faster computer also means faster hacking. It’s important for all of us to be aware of how security and technology interlink and what we should be considering when it comes to protecting ourselves, our businesses and our loved ones.

Phone technology has improved so much within a few decades, we’ve gone from having dedicated rooms for one phone in our homes to carrying powerful computers in our pockets. But this has meant vulnerabilities.

Mobile security firm Lookout, recently released a survey examining the issue of the state of mobile security. Fortune notes:

“The most surprising finding in the report…is the percentage of data breaches attributable to mobile devices. Nearly three-quarters of the 100 IT and security leads surveyed (about half of whom are chief information security officers) reported that their organizations have “experienced a data breach as a result of a mobile security issue.”

This is a big problem, as it means even those who should know better are not taking proper precaution. This is also due to the fact that maybe they are not as knowledgeable about mobile security as they are about other kinds of security.

Yet if they are not working on mobile security efficiently enough – that is, technology that has been out for years – what does this mean for newer technology, like wearable devices?

TechRepublic points out:

“As wearable devices make their way into the workplace and corporate networks, they bring a host of security and privacy challenges for IT departments and increase the amount of data that data brokers have to sell about an individual.”

This should trouble us all, since technology become so accepted we forget to think of the dangers it could hold. This doesn’t mean we give up on mobile or wearable devices – only that we should be pushing for better security and taking better precautions ourselves.

We can look back at how we have taken safety measures already; locks, doors, alarms, man traps, CCTV cameras are all ways we’ve used and refined security. This wasn’t a simple process but considering the speed with which we’re creating new technology, we ought to also be speeding up how we protect ourselves.