Your many access control options

Whether you need to regulate pedestrian traffic or reinforce security standards, there are a number of access control solutions for you to choose from. This is a basic breakdown of some of the main options so that you can make an informed decision about what suits your business’ needs.


Turnstiles are great for crowd management, providing safety, convenience and efficiency. Turnstile gates are a common access control solution in factories, stadiums, warehouses, amusement parks, public transport stations, universities, retail sites and casinos. Turnstiles not only can secure the premises, but can also be integrated with ticketing or clocking systems.

Revolving doors

Revolving doors are used as an access control situation where high volumes of foot traffic are expected. They’re ideal in office blocks, universities, libraries, public buildings and health clubs. There are generally two types of revolving doors: automatic and manual. Both options provide a draft block between the external and internal environments of a building, which stabilises the temperature of a building while still allowing access. In this way revolving doors can save you money on energy costs.

Sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors, usually aluminium-based, are also used for entrances that see high volume traffic, such as in retail stores, although they are generally not used in situations where security is the main priority as there are more secure options.

Sliding doors provide an aesthetically pleasing, hi-tech and professional appearance and also conserve energy by only opening when people approach, heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be efficiently regulated.

Road barriers

There are a wide variety of road security options depending on whether you want to regulate traffic, manage access control, or impose high security restrictions. For instance there are boom gate systems, bollards and road blockers, all with different levels of security depending on your needs.


Speedgates, also known as speedstiles, are used in entrances that need a secure and aesthetic solution, while still accommodating high volumes of traffic. By installing speedgates you can monitor admittance, manage crowds, and keep track of employee movements. All this can be done without hindering the flow of traffic. They’re used for applications like office blocks, passenger terminals, railway stations, and sports stadiums.

There are many benefits to access control systems. They improve pedestrian traffic, help with crowd control, regulate movement, secure areas, can be integrated with ticketing or timing systems and even save energy in the case of sliding or revolving doors.

If you aren’t yet sure what you might need, an access control system manufacturer can assess the needs of your building, and design, manufacture and install the best fit for your situation.