How to market your new business


plannerOnce you get financial backing and have finalised your research on starting a business, then marketing the business to prospective clients should be next on the list. Starting a new business venture is already a tough one to manage, so when it comes to placing major advertisements or the budget for hosting social events, then the harder it gets. Marketing a new business does not have to be a glitz and glamourous, it simply needs to grab the attention of clients.


Use social media to your advantage

Whether you have completed events management courses or not, the fact of the matter is that as the business owner, you need to get your brand out there. Social media is fast becoming the number one advertising platform. Simply create a page for your business and get your friends, family and clients to share it. Word will soon spread once you have a strong following. Take a look at your demographic and decide how the business marketing strategy will appeal to them online.

Are they 40-year-old working mothers or are they trendy, young people? Defining the business demographic will give a better indication to figure out in which tone you should post your updates. Clients can’t see the person behind the screen and should thus be able to relate to the business just by the tone of the posts

Have an online presence

The company brand should be exposed to every business platform managers can find. LinkedIn is a great opportunity for all new businesses to start spreading their footprint. It has also become a favourite amongst business owners for networking opportunities and to get a vast amount of information on the competition.

Get a professional to create a business website. Too many websites have lost creditability due to it looking unprofessional. Rather spend a couple of rands on something professional than let customers think the business has no value. Millions of people surf the web every day which could lead to good traffic to your site, which lead to business for your new venture.

Leave a paper trail

Business card will never go out of style. People still need to check their wallets, and until that day is over, you should continue to print business cards for your company. Have business cards ready for every occasion, because you never know when a top executive in the industry might give your business a boost. Leave your business cards with people you can be sure will hand them out. Do whatever you must to get as much brand awareness as possible.