Office security measures that won’t fail you

secuSecurity measures are an important factor to any business owner. Safety and security should be a main priority for senior management to ensure that employees do not feel a threat to their lives or property. No matter in which line of work, the priority for safety will always be on top of the list.  It is also not uncommon to find that agencies overlook safety as a priority due to their daily duties that keep the business on track. Safety and security is usually the last thing to look at, but as crime rises it is important to place it on top of your priority list.

Secure your premises

There is no need to break the bank with the latest security technology to keep the premises safe.  The best equipment does not come cheap, but there are alternatives to these. Take a look at standard security measures are also enough to ensure optimal security for your premises. Putting up proper fencing will deters burglars, as well as windows fitted with locks and security lights and strengthened doors. These are simple yet effective security measures to take. Install CCTV cameras where access points are susceptible as well as fitted alarms and be sure to warn others of its presence. Whenever suspicious activity took place, the video wall systems can go back to track what took place.

Theft in the office

To be sure of who is being hired and who enters into the company, follow through with proper protocol by verifying previous employment history and checking each reference provided by the candidate. In most cases it happens that only afterward an incident takes place, do employers find out that they could have crossed questioned and thoroughly examined an employee. Introduce clear policies about theft and make sure that staff is informed about it, so that employees are aware of consequences. Exercise caution when granting access to keys and revealing security codes to employees.

Secure company utilities

Do regular property and equipment audits to know where the company stands regarding inventory. A trusted employee can be given the task of doing those audits and ensure that it is being followed through every month.

Startup suggest, “Tagging computers and recording details of serial numbers does not make you a suspicious employer, it makes you a cautious one. You have nothing to hide and if someone else feels that way, they should take up the matter with you and discuss their grievances.”