Selling premium products with ease


A lack of confidence can come about for many sales persons who need to sell expensive products. There is a false belief that it is harder to sell expensive products due to the fact that they are high margin items as well as the ones that keep the business in the green. To be able to sell upmarket quality products, the sales approach needs to change, as well as the thinking behind it.


An open-minded approach


Sales people will look at a customer viewing the product and automatically cut off any thought that the customer is actually going to purchase the product, especially if they look hesitant. Never assume a client is not going to open up their wallet. The mere fact that they are hesitant leaves enough room for a well trained salesperson to swoop in and convince his or her customer to buy the product.


Emphasis on problem solving


A customer believes a product will ease a burden or solve their problem, will reach deep into their pockets with ease. Even the most frugal people will happily part with their money to solve their problems. The salesperson’s job is to find out what the customer’s problem is and strategically explain how the product can be beneficial to them. One of the biggest flaws in a sales pitch can be to focus more on the features of the product rather than to bring up the benefits that the product has to offer.


Nudge the customer in the right direction


Business finance can only get a company so far in their venture to becoming a success. The second half of the process is reeling in customers to keep the business afloat. Say you in to a wellness store and there are three home-exercise machines on display. One is an exercise bike for the price of R3000, the other is a elliptical machine for R3600 and the next is a heart rate monitor for R4000. The most likely option for any salesperson to choose to pitch would be the heart rate monitor, due to the fact that the highest end option is not the one that a customer would gravitate to. However, the tactic for pitching the most expensive first has proven its success rate. The less expensive product would then seem more appealing and reasonable in comparison to the more expensive one.


“You can do the same in your own business by creating super premium offerings and putting them up for sale at super premium prices. This creates a psychological push toward the item you really want to sell,” says Entrepreneur writer, Brian Horn.