A happy employee is a productive employee


workingAs a decision maker in your workplace, one of your biggest mistakes you can make is to create unhappiness among your employees. You should focus your attention on keeping the people who work for you happy.


A worker who feels well-treated and appreciated by their superiors will do their best work for you. They’ll always be willing to go the extra mile; you won’t even have to ask them. It doesn’t take much effort on your part to make people happy – particularly millennials. As a leader in the workplace, you have the opportunity to put new measures in place which could make a significant difference to workers.


These simple tips can help you to improve the lives of your workers, your most valuable resource as a business owner.


Take their personal lives into consideration

Millennials especially are precious about their time outside of the office. They don’t want to feel locked inside the workplace. Your workers need to know they have freedom to step away from their desks, take some time off and still be able to get the job done. It is important that you treat your staffers like the adults the are. They need to know that you trust them to get the job done.


Encourage workers to be creative

Workers can very quickly become bored if they work on the same tasks daily. If a worker shows an interest in another area of the business, encourage them to explore this option. They may find a passion they hadn’t previously imagined they would. Someone in the creative department could discover an interest in the business finance sector.


Be open and communicative

Your workers need to know where they stand. It’s that simple. If they’re doing a good job, they need to know that. If they’re doing a terrible job, you need to tell them that. Your staffers also need to know about what is happening within the business. Make sure to keep your staff updated on new hires and resignations. No one enjoys hearing about this in whispered conversations and the rumour mill. Employees who are kept informed are more likely to feel part of the team and be willing to contribute.


It’s the simple things

Your staffers are really quite simple creatures. Ask them what they want and they’ll likely give you the same answer, over and over. Time and money. That’s all anyone really wants. Offer staff reasonable salaries and be sure to give them cash bonuses when necessary. Drinks after work and lunches out also encourage staff to put in their best work. An early Friday afternoon can be appreciated. You’ll be rewarded with rested and happy staff on Monday morning. There’s no way that’s not a great idea.