5 tips for hiring new staff members

workingAt some point in your new business, you will need to expand your team. And when that happens you’ll obviously want to hire the very best people. After you’ve advertised the position, a stream of CVs will soon be flooding your inbox.

It can be a daunting prospect to filter the qualified from the shoddy. You’ll need a clear picture of the person you want to hire in mind so you don’t become overwhelmed by the many applications you’ll no doubt receive. It’s unlikely you’ll have completed hr management courses, so you probably don’t know all the details of how to hire someone new. These tips should help you find a new, appropriately qualified staff member.


Know what your non-negotiables are

These are often the basics which you’ll stipulate in your job advert. The qualification, years’ experience and essential skills. It can be easy to be swayed by a positive attitude or compelling turn of phrase. Don’t let these convince you. If the applicants don’t have the basic requirements of the job, there’s no point wasting your time in inviting them for an interview.


Check for spelling and grammar

These are of course essential when you’re looking to hire a writer of any sort. But they also indicate attention to detail, commitment to tasks and computer literacy. Contrary to popular belief though, poor spelling does not indicate a lack of intelligence.


Have a look at social media profiles

This is important because it shows a person’s attitudes and behaviors in a more casual setting. They aren’t on their best behaviour. They aren’t trying to impress. They are just trying to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a normal way. Social media profiles can provide insight into a person’s hobbies, interests and attitudes in a way that a CV can’t.


Ask open-ended questions which will reveal more about the candidate

Once applicants have moved past the CV stage into a face-to-face meeting, it’s important that you ask the kinds of questions which will provide insight into facets of their personality and work ethic. These are the types of questions they aren’t expecting, can’t fake and will answer honestly. A question which has gained popularity in recent years is, “What type of animal would be be?”. Steer clear of this one because applicants may be expecting it but consider this kind of odd, out of the box question.


Know that not everyone is going to be a perfect fit

You need to accept that some applicants aren’t going to be right for your team. Some may come for a few months, do the bare minimum and slink away a few months later. No one is at fault in this situation. Sometimes it’s just not right.