Reasons to change your career path

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A common thought among professionals who are feeling less than enthusiastic about their jobs is, if they change their career path they would be happier. Sometimes they’re right. A career change that better suits your skills, talents, passions or lifestyle can be the first step to living a more contented and happy life.

Any of the following might be a reason to consider switching careers.


You never chose this career path

For some of us, a career “choice” was never on the cards. It could be that a friend or family member organised you the job in order for you to simply start off somewhere and be able pay your bills. However, if you can’t see yourself doing this job for the next 10 years, then change is imminent. If you can’t see yourself in a position for a long period of time, then it’s time to find out where you want to be. Find a course in the field of your choice and study or apply for an internship or apprentice position to gain experience in the industry. Don’t waste your time at a job you aren’t committed to.


A change in your life

A change in lifestyle can spark a career change. You may wake up one day and ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” or say to yourself, “This doesn’t quite suit me anymore”. A life changing event can be anything that causes you to change perspective and re-evaluate your choices. Often the birth of a child or a marriage proposal can bring perspective on what you truly want for your future. If you have been abroad on vacation, you may end up feeling like you want stay there forever and settle down in a foreign country. Quitting your job and packing up is not easy, but it might be worth it. The change that comes may require you to study something new, like computer courses, or do something that you never thought would suit you.


Your career is conflicting with your core values

We will never be truly satisfied if our values are constantly being pushed aside. Your values and morals are part of your beliefs, which has shaped your identity. To be in a place where your values are being challenged can lead you to doubt yourself. You may not doubt your capabilities to do the job that is expected of you, but you will doubt if your are emotionally capable of enduring what your values are against. You will find it extremely unsatisfying to be happy at work when you are not living out principles that are important to you.