How to tell your boss they’re wrong without losing your job


You present a brilliant idea to your boss that will increase productivity and company profits. All you need is the okay from him to implement this strategy. To your surprise your boss shoots down your idea with a vague reason as to why. Do you stand up to your boss and tell him he is wrong for not giving it proper thought or are you so taken aback you’d rather leave it?


You can respectfully tell your boss that he is wrong without insulting him and potentially losing your job. Here’s how:


Don’t keep quiet


Your opinion counts. Learning to speak up is vital to your success and career growth and by doing so you will be making an impact in your organisation. For those who have difficulty confronting others, this might be a challenge. However, once they overcome their fear, speaking to an authority figure will come naturally to them. It’s vital for any organisation to create a platform for employees to voice their opinion. Even though your boss is seen in high regard, he is still human. Don’t feel intimidated to voice your opinion. By creating a mature dialogue you are able to easily share thoughts, ideas and even criticisms. .


Before you express your thoughts


Not every situation needs to be handled by your CEO, you can also speak to your manager about a project or strategy you would like to implement. Similarly, if you currently work in the sales department but would like to head over to the accounting department, then you could speak to your manager about your aspirations and show initiative by applying for bookkeeping courses in the interim. If they see that you’re invested they are more likely to take you seriously. Bosses who’re constantly bombarded with interpersonal matters may feel like they’re doing more babysitting than delegating. Bring any concerns you may have to the attention of your line manager first before heading off to the big boss. Concerns such as your personal work performance or the performance of the company need to be forwarded to your boss.


Talk in private


Never have a disagreement with your boss in front of others. You’ll be questioning his authority and that could set off fireworks. Your intention may not be to make him look bad, but people may perceive matters differently to you. But sending off a heated email to him is not the way to go either. Rather, ensure that you feel calm and level-headed before you send him an email asking when he is available. Thereafter, go and speak with him face-to face and raise the concerns that you may have.