What can small businesses do to improve security in 2016?

The number of issues businesses need to concern themselves with seems endless. You need to contend with unstable markets and an unpredictable future. Who knows what tomorrow’s interest will be or where the market will lead us? Yet there are areas still affecting business which we do have control over. One of these is security.

What does security mean for small business?

Often people consider the only major difference between big and small businesses is the number of employees. This is true on one level, but it also means fewer responsibilities and concerns. You usually don’t have multiple properties, large scale employee concerns and so on. However, business size should not dictate security.

As Microsoft Tech Center notes: “Security is just as important to the small and medium business as it is for the large enterprise. The difference is that even a small security breach or incident can have major impact on a small and medium business.”

While the business might be small, impact can still be large. Impact can be good or bad. This means no matter the size of your business, we should be concerned.

How can small businesses improve security?

It may help to begin with a professional assessment of your premises and your network. This means focusing on physical as well as digital space.

Start by creating and implementing security policies, especially those focused on staff. This could mean restricting access to certain areas of the property or the network. Teach staff to care about their access. Passwords should be handed out, but changed regularly and staff advised not to give passwords out.

You might find it necessary to employ security guards, especially if you are on premises requiring knowledge of who can and cannot enter the property. In addition, maybe consider a video wall controller to expand on how secure your premises are.

Cybersecurity really will become your priority. As Network World points out:

“Cyber-criminals in particular target SMBs to compromise the PCs they use for online banking and payments in order to commit fraud in a big way by emptying out business accounts.”

You don’t want to create a false sense of security just because you believe it won’t happen to you. This also means employees’ guards are down, leading to them accessing or activating mechanisms allowing foreign access into your accounts or networks. We must always be vigilant.

Even if we’re small, that doesn’t mean the risks aren’t large. We must care about security regardless of our business’ size.