The advantages of e-signatures


The digital age we’re living in is allowing electronic signatures to gain momentum across many industries. This efficient way of signing documents is the advantage you need to be a cut above the rest in your field. Here’s why you need to get excited about this new technology that is taking the working world by storm.


As easy as putting finger to keyboard


Electronic signature software is intuitive which means there is no training involved in the process of signing. This simple technology has made it easy for employers, employees and customers to create legally binding contracts in a fast and efficient manner.


A speedy business process


Not so long ago, people had to wait for documents to be sent by courier from around the globe. It would take weeks, if not months, for the documents to finally reach their mailbox. Years later, technology was updated and that’s when the fax machine was conceived; a simple piece of machinery that would relieve humanity from the long waiting period of a courier. However, the fax machine also had its flaws. It had a lack of security and the possibility of hardware failure.


With the advancement of the internet, the fax machine had taken a step back. Documents that needed your signature could be printed from your email, signed and then scanned back to your email. But what if you don’t have a scanner? Electronic signature software allows you to securely sign a document in a matter of seconds. And this software has the added benefit of security checks.


Improvement of document accuracy


It can be rather frustrating to receive documents, only to realise the person signing has missed a page. Electronic signature software allows the sender to enable mandatory fields. If the fields are left empty, the recipient won’t be able to submit the documents. The recipient can then be 100% sure they have signed all the attached documents. This cuts out re-sending or re-signing incomplete documents.


Saves time and money


Businesses use many reams of paper printing documents to be signed. E-signatures can save time and money by cutting out the need to print and courier. Within a matter of minutes the signature software will allow you to send a document that requires a signature. It can track a document’s progress and store the document in a file for future reference.


No longer do contracts have to be built around shuffling paperwork. Now, business people can spend more time on building relationships than signing documents.