The best way to organise office space



A productive space is an organised space. A lot of time goes into organising and if done right a lot more tasks can be accomplished in one day. A desk with freed up space looks inviting and instantly clears the mind. Occasionally rearranging and moving piles of unwanted paper and books doesn’t count as “organising”. To organise means to have a system in place that accommodates everyone and results in an efficient workspace.


A clean-up onslaught


Shred, empty, declutter and get the bin. Dispose of anything that’s not of value in the office. Have a look around and decide what hasn’t been used in a while. If it has been sitting in the corner for the past three months, get rid of it. If a printer or monitor is problematic have it repaired or toss it out. The same applies for equipment, furniture, office supplies and decorations.


Gather and redistribute


If office items are not in their designated area, gather them up and put them back where they belongs. Make a strict rule about this. Non-financial managers in the office should only use what is designated to them. If they do borrow something from the finance department, the rule should be that they need to put it back.


Allocate discard dates


Not every piece of paper needs to be kept, unless it’s very important. Mark on files or documents when they can be tossed or shredded. Ensure you know what the requirements are for keeping important material. Legal or financial documents must be kept for specified length of time.


Organise drawers and desks


Not only should employees clean and organise the office space, they should also organise their desks. Some may prefer a cluttered space, but for those who want to make a change, they should jump right into organising. Purchase containers for stationery or any other items on their desks. Use trays for papers and containers for smaller items. Anything that is used in conjunction with one another should be placed in the same drawer. Place stamps with envelopes, sticky pads with notepads and staples with a stapler. having all stationery items in close range will make it easier for those who study a management or finance course after hours. A separate drawer should be used for personal items.