5 signs it’s time to promote an employee


To promote employees within the company makes good business. Employees care about being recognised and rewarded, it’s the component for building a lasting company culture. Outsourced hires are paid more than internally promoted employees, according to Wharton management professor Matthew Bidwell. This is why it’s imperative for employers to know when an employee has the right requirements for an advancement.


They’ve mastered their job


Almost all employees are competent at their jobs, some may even excel at doing them. These are the employees you need to keep an eye on. Employees are very aware when they go above and beyond, and would hope for management to recognise their efforts. However, you need to bear in mind that you’re not only looking for above average dedication, you’re also looking for talent.


They take responsibility and initiative


Special consideration needs to be taken into regard when promoting an employee to a higher position. The employee needs to show a lot of promise, not only in their work ethic but also their personal capacity. Choose someone who won’t wait for someone else to fix their problems. Employees who receive promotions are the ones who seek project management training without being asked to do so. They take initiative, are assertive in what they want and know how to get it. The ideal candidate up for a promotion seeks solutions instead of complaints. They’ll own up to their mistakes and spread credit instead of blame.


They care about the company


The moment an employee changes their viewpoint from “me” to “we”, they might be ready for more responsibility. This is ultimately what an employer wants to see from their team. The moment an employee grows, everyone will notice their dedication and commitment to the company.


They are natural leaders


An employee doesn’t need a job title to be an effective leader. A good team leader will earn the respect of their colleagues and goes out of their way to share knowledge and uplift those around them. You need someone who is a motivator and can drive needed change. The employee you choose to promote needs to be a good morale leader who provides support where needed.


They know their capabilities


When talking to a promising employee after promotion, they’ll be talking about increased responsibility, not only an increase in salary. It’s only natural for someone ready for such a role to know their worth and capabilities to take on extra responsibilities. A strong employee will be able to tell you that they’re ready to lead.