The right way bank tellers need to address conflict

Angry businessman

It’s not always smooth sailing for bank tellers. They sometimes face clients who lose their temper with the only people who can find a solution for their problem. Bank tellers need to respectfully handle each scenario with care, as they are representatives of the bank and any wrong word from them could cost them their job. This is when they need to learn the art of keeping composure no matter the situation.


Check your tone of voice


Your body may seem relaxed and there may be a smile on your face but your tone of voice can give it all away in an instant. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Speak slowly to keep check of your tone of voice when dealing with an unruly client. By not raising your voice and being mindful of your tone of voice you can do wonders to ease a tense situation. In a heated moment, make a conscious decision to speak a little slower than natural to you. Talking fast can make you sound nervous and frustrate the other person and only adds to the chaos.


If you are unable to deal with a difficult client, call your department manager to diffuse the situation. Never tolerate being disrespected for the sake of keeping a client happy.


Respect your client


Respect your client enough not to chase them through the mantrap of the bank, no matter how upset you are. As a representative of the bank and for the sake of your own reputation, never allow yourself to lose control of the situation. Always envision yourself in the same situation as the client. This will help you perhaps understand their grievances.


Be firm


Being patient and empathetic can only get you so far when dealing with a rude client, but know where to draw the line. Look your client in the eye and firmly tell them their behaviour is unacceptable. There is a right way to tell someone to behave themselves, this is where tone of voice plays a major part in respectfully bringing the message across. Tell the person you’re dealing with if they can’t conduct themselves professionally, you will walk away.