The right time to hire a personal secretary


If you’re overwhelmed by your workload and continually forget to complete your admin tasks, you might need a secretary. A secretary should have qualities which will push your business forward. He or she needs to be a people’s person who is a joy to work with. The secretary and the boss of a company will constantly be in each other’s company, so the person you hire needs to be trustworthy and reliable. They should have basic computer literacy skills, be efficient and organised.


Effective at communicating


If you’re too busy to answer calls, or can’t keep track of the sticky notes stating who you need to call back, a secretary should be on your priority list. You need someone who’ll be able to manage your calls, take messages and respond to emails. Having someone who can communicate effectively will be able to concisely report back with meeting minutes and write up reports or executive summaries for you.


Technology is their forte


Being internet savvy is skillset most people should have by now. If you require them to do a fair amount of research, having basic knowledge of e-commerce will be beneficial. Especially if you need to find a product or service, they should be able to assist you.


Great interpersonal skills


If you give your personal secretary a task which might put them off, they should be able to suck it up and do the job at hand. The biggest requirement of the job is to perhaps do unexpected tasks. They are there to assist you and make your life easier. When clients step through the door, they should feel welcomed by your secretary. If something should go wrong or there’s a slip up with a manufacturer, they should be able to think on their feet.


Expectations of a secretary


Your secretary shouldn’t be expected to do your job. Don’t expect them to sit in on conference calls on your behalf. If your secretary happens to have completed human resource management courses, then you may have them assist in the HR department. The secretary is there to make your day lighter. Try your best to only have them do work-related tasks. While some secretaries do take on personal tasks from their employer such as picking up laundry, keep personal tasks to a minimum. The secretary is there to work in the office, not your home.