How to attract customers to your restaurant

foodThe best way to successfully target the right demographic to your restaurant is by using the most appropriate advertising methods. Your marketing strategy will determine whether or not you attract the right target market. Take careful consideration of the location of your restaurant, the ambiance, menu options and pricing as it will influence who you attract. Implement marketing strategies that will attract your desired demographic.  

Choice of menu and services

The range of meals on your menu, your prices and operational hours should cater or appeal to your target market. If you have a family styled restaurant, offer a range of low to mid cost food choices. Your menu should also include child-friendly items such as burgers, pizza or simple pastas. If seniors mostly frequent your restaurant offer familiar meals and large-print menus. Young professionals will expect a greater variety in menu choices. They will expect a wide range of mixed drinks and wine, along with trendy appetizers and desserts on your menu. In this case be sure to have extended hours for your establishment.

Decor and style

The style of your restaurant will need the right ambiance to attract the right demographic. For a sports bar you’re going to need home-town team paraphernalia and large television screens to watch sports. When it comes to fine dining you may need to upscale to attract older clientele who prefer an intimate dining experience.

For a family style restaurant you’re going to need decor which will also have a lasting impact for children as well as older people. Bright colours and comfortable seating usually appeals to children. Add colouring sheets and you have a winner for little ones. Your decor, music selection and the volume will be vital in attracting the kind of diners you want to frequent your restaurant. Have your demographic in mind when choosing lighting levels, seating options, taste and comfort.

Strategic targeting

Human resource management courses will teach you how to deal with employees, but what you also require is a study on your patrons. Thoroughly researching your demographic will give you insight into the best way to market to them. Advertise in places your potential customers live and work. Also make use of the media your demographic commonly uses. If you’re catering to senior citizens, your advertising won’t be the same as targeting a younger group of people. Print ads in local newspapers to reach those you know aren’t active on social media. Provide a free kids’ meal each night of the week for busy families.