6 things you can do that don’t need any talent

writingWhen you’re young and in your first job, it can be tough to make a good impression on your employers. Let’s be real, you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’re sure that you’re messing up every task and you feel so confused about everything going on around you. But the good news is there are thing you can do that don’t need any talent. These are the things that you can do which are sure to impress.

Being on time. It takes almost no effort on your part to be on time. Be at the office at the time you’re expected to be there. Be the first to arrive for a meeting. And, importantly, show up when you’re supposed to for your job interview. All of this makes an excellent impression and will be noticed. Set your alarm, get a good night’s sleep and get to work when you need to.

Working hard. You might not be the best at your work yet. But you can work hard. You can show that you’re happy to be there and happy to do the work.

Positive body language. You’d be surprised to learn how much you’re communicating without saying a word. Think about the signals your body is sending when you’re at meetings, chatting to colleagues and even standing at the coffee machine. You want to appear friendly and engaging, not rude and closed off.

Enthusiasm. Do you smile at colleagues and greet them when you walk past them? Or do you fail to make eye contact and walk around in silence? All of this is important to think about. Employers don’t appreciate the silent staffers who appear unhappy to be there. They want to see workers who actually seem to want to be there.

Willingness to learn. You’re young. You don’t really know what you’re doing. So you need to put in additional effort and show that you’re willing to learn. Whether you’re putting in some extra time to learn coding or asking a colleague to teach you the ins and outs of applying for equipment finance, showing that you want to learn is always a good trait when you’re in the working world.

Doing that little bit extra. This can mean anything from putting your hand up for additional work, jumping in to wash the coffee cups or offering to go to the shop to buy milk. What’s important is that you aren’t afraid to work hard and you aren’t afraid to let your colleagues and employers know that.