Best communication tools for business and personal use

These days, the vast amount of information, data and programs we can run on multiple devices is staggering. Phones are powerful computers and cars increasingly have become so advanced they communicate with mobile devices. For the modern business person, there is no way to overlook the importance of this rapid progress, particularly if we want to do utilise the best tools.

These tools matter to everyone, not merely business people. But it is business people who can benefit most.

What are communication tools?

Before knowing which ones to choose, we should understand what these tools are. Communication tools include such things as phone systems, a company email hosting provider, proper website platforms, a file-sharing system, a CRM (customer relationship management platform) and, of course, a project management system. As Forbes notes, it doesn’t matter how big the company is, the tools matter:

“Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, every business needs to communicate effectively with their clients, employees and vendors.”

Communication is key to anything and everything. Bad communication can result in complete business failure, as customers are not informed about the business. This can mean everything from not knowing about our existence to being misinformed about product delivery times. Everyone having the same information is precisely the end goal of all good communication. This leads to sales, since customers know exactly what they want and what we offer.

What are the best communication tools?

There are a range of options because there are a range of tools to consider.

Google Apps

Google’s wide ranging apps all sync up with one Google account – this means if we use a Google account on our phones or desktop, all the information will be the same. This makes it ideal for collaboration, as we can see in real-time when updates occur and get instant notifications. The apps work with a wide variety of formats, from Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, so that everyone can be – sometimes literally – on the same page.

Office Suite

The move to cloud-based software and technology has resulted in many people being left behind. If we want to be as effective as possible, we should consider those companies that operate within cloud-based operations. OfficeSuite offers a range of solutions for various businesses of different sizes. Their effective, secure phone system is ideal for the modern digital business.


Tired of explaining the same situation again and again to different colleagues? TeamViewer allows anyone access to desktops, applications and data, meaning we can skip explaining these issues, reduce miscommunication and decrease time wasting. Sometimes less explaining is better communication.

Of course, none of these tools are useful if we’re not skilled at communicating in the first place. Tools can only do so much. We should also perhaps seriously consider communication courses if we are serious about making our business as effective as possible.  

(Image credit: Microsiervos / Flickr)