Important health tips as we age

There’s no getting around the fact that we’ll age. Every birthday is a reminder we’re adding another year to our lives and that means our bodies alter, too. We can’t help but age, since we are part of the natural world. That doesn’t mean we’re completely vulnerable though. It’s important for us to know how to help ourselves in terms of aging, so we don’t succumb entirely to this process.

This matters to our lives, our ability to work and so on.

Stay active

These days, with the massive amount of incredible technology, it’s easy to work from the comfort of a desk and chair. Indeed, we can run an entire office, have meetings and complete complicated tasks all without leaving our homes. This does not encourage movement or activity though.

Due to workload, we often think we have no time for activity. We work a whole day, come home and have to prepare for the evening. Parents, in particular, have to add in the additional attention required to look after their children. This, however, should not be an excuse to ignore our health and fitness concerns.

At the office, we can take a few minutes every hour to walk around – if we’re lucky, we can have a room to ourselves to do simple quick exercises like push ups. If possible, bring weights and, when we’re not using our hands, do some exercises with at least one arm. Time Magazine has a list of what it calls “deskercises”, which are designed to be workouts performed at the desk.

Eat properly

What we put into our body is just as important as how we exercise it. Every person has individual requirements, but there are overarching foods we should stay away from – or at the very least cut down on. Sugar, for example, is of major concern to many health professionals. As Eat This notes:

“Although it’s impossible to stop the aging process, it’s possible to keep your youthful complexion later into life by cutting back on sugar, a nutrient that’s been shown to accelerate wrinkling and sagging.”

They provide an excellent list of what to avoid, showing precisely why such food stuffs only exacerbate the aging process.

Think about the future

Though we may not want to, we must start thinking about topics like retirement and medical aid schemes for pensioners. We will eventually reach these stages and we must have a foundation on which to create security. A secure foundation now means a better future later. Most of us think we might live forever, but this is obviously not true. And this mindset prevents proper preparation, meaning our later selves lose out.

It’s time we start preparing now and take a proper response to the reality of ageing.  

(Image credit: decor8 holly/flickr)