A crash course in logo design


Many entrepreneurs who start their own business already have their plans sorted. They set a goal and aim to achieve it. They could have a brilliant concept going and their selling strategy may be on point, but their branding could be lacking. The branding of your company separates you from your business. Essentially your brand will form its own identity as it starts to live in the hearts of your customers. Every business owner wants a brand which is memorable and draws attention.


Logo design


Choose a minimalistic approach to your logo design as these are often more memorable. A busy design won’t have one focus point. Think about your logo design in this way, out of seven different colours you’re instantly going to remember the first three colours, not all seven. Don’t go overboard with the design. Your logo is how customers will be able to identify your brand, setting you apart from the rest of your competitors. This is ultimately what you were possibly taught in your business school sales and marketing courses. Your logo is your marketing tool which is going to drive your sales.


Have a look at your competitors


Have a look at the logos of your competitors. You’re not going to mimic what they have as it would be an infringement on their copyright. Once you have a list of all the different designs, see whether any of theirs spark your own ideas.


Consider your target demographic


Your company logo needs to resonate with your target market. Avoid designing a logo which won’t necessarily appeal to your audience. If your business provides spa treatments, your logo should portray what a spa represents.


Be creative


Don’t neglect the fact that your logo still needs to captivate your audience no matter how minimalist it appears. Get creative with different shapes and sizes as you feature a unique look which compliments your brand. The great thing about a unique brand is that you’re able to have a backstory as to why you’ve chosen a particular logo design.


Consider all aspects of a logo

Think about the message you want to convey with your logo design. Your logo should be perceived with positive connotations and not influence scepticism. Your brand tells your story for customers to have a sense of who you are and whether they can relate to you.