Modern building security design ideas

Working productively requires a number of elements to manage in order to achieve success. Aside from having stable electricity, internet access, equipment and so on, we also require security. Being able to function well won’t mean anything if we and our employees are fearful of break-ins, hacking and other criminal activity. With that in mind, we should consider some ways to create and manage our working space to make it as secure as possible.

Security as action

Security is a broad term, especially when it comes to business. As the Business Dictionary defines it, security is:

“The prevention of and protection against assault, damage, fire, fraud, invasion of privacy, theft, unlawful entry, and other such occurrences caused by deliberate action.”

Naturally, this encompasses a wide range of interventions. The first of these should be how we act and behave. We can’t rely solely on objects to protect us.

We also must act in ways that reduce the likelihood of unwanted actions occurring and targeting us. For a business in a building, this could mean taking courses or encouraging activity such as double-checking doors are locked, securing mobile devices and preventing access to the network, regular password and login changes and a range of other interventions that differ according to a business. For example, BizMove recommends that keys be treated with greatest care.

“Issue as few keys as possible. Keep a record on the keys you issue. Exercise the same care with keys as you would a thousand dollar bill.”

Security as technology

Of course, we can only do so much. What we want from buildings is to have technology or other more advanced interventions to help combat potential dangers. This could mean anything from industrial sliding door systems to security personnel on site. It’s advisable to obtain an alarm system, where only employees will know the access code. This should be tied to an armed response unit, who can respond at any time – day or night – to issues.

We might also want to install cameras to help catch perpetrators should there be any. There are too many stories of employees being untrustworthy and this can be used as evidence against them at any kind of hearing or trial. This helps deter future wrongdoing.

Also, it’s probably advisable to have a safe on site, but maybe not the keys. However, keeping a safe on the premises might only be a beacon for those who want to steal from it. If possible, keep any monies somewhere else.

(Picture credit: nishom / Pixabay)