How to make extra cash while having a full time job

Working full-time is often not a sufficient way to secure a financial future. People have to work hard to get to a place where they’re earning enough. Yet, even working hard is no guarantee of a successful amount of income.  To that end, it’s worth considering what you can do to earn extra cash, while still having a full-time job. The difficulty of course is that you might not have the time beyond the job you already have. Sometimes it might mean working on weekends. Whatever the case, it’s wise to consider your options. In this way, you can see what best suites you and your current situation, so that if the opportunity arises, you can leap to it. Everyone can benefit from having more disposable income, allowing them to save and create a more stable financial future.

Freelance writing

Many people think that because everyone writes, anyone can write. But this is obviously not the case, as some people are professional writers but most are not. Freelance writing allows you to work for those places and people who are of interest to you. A good way to start writing freelance is to tap into those areas of interest you care about. For example, almost everyone already cares about politics, but what other areas are you uniquely qualified to speak on? Businesses leaders can offer advice and become thought leaders; coders can provide details to students about why they should learn coding as a new, important language for the future. Consult various sources to find freelance job opportunities.

Importantly, you must make sure you don’t get cheated. Too often, freelance writers are told they can work “for the exposure”. This is an immoral practice where those with more leverage take advantage of new people. Watch out for this and don’t be swayed, since your time is valuable and worth investing in. If you don’t value your time, how do you expect others to?

As The Establishment noted: “There are many freelance writers who have found themselves in [exploitative] situations. Because of the precarious line freelancers walk, we often have a flexible income, earning much more some months than others. Predators like the one I encountered know that a guaranteed monthly check, or even a particularly well-financed article, can make all the difference in our financial security. They use this unpredictable financial reality to find ways to outmaneuver even the most cautious of freelance writers.”

Second-hand sale

Everyone accumulates items they no longer need. Too often we keep these for sentimental reasons rather than rational ones. But emotions are a sure way to make bad financial decisions. Consider, for example, your car. Have you really thought about why you need one? Is it completely impossible for you to find cheaper, alternative options – even if they’re slightly more inconvenient? Public transportation exists and millions of people around the world is it everyday.

As notes, according to their estimates in America, the answer of what is more expensive is obvious: “Clearly it is beyond question that owning an automobile is far more expensive than taking transit, and that people who find transit to be expensive probably do not know that much about either transit or how much it costs them to drive.”

Of course, that is not for everyone. There could be very good reasons why you need a car. But even here, you should rather look at private car sales. Second-hand cars are not only cheaper, they’re also more valuable for you as the buyer. That is, when you buy a car brand new, it loses a lot of its value as soon as you leave the showroom. Secondly, second-hand cars these days are often packaged with the latest technology and what you would expect from brand new cars. After all, second-hand cars are still within this generation. They have power steering, ABS, central locking and so on.


Another way to start earning more money is to look at investments and the stock market. There are ways to start without leaving your home, for example. As Stocktrader notes:

“Find a good online stock broker and open an account. Become familiarized with the layout and to take advantage of the free trading tools and research offered to clients only. Some brokers offer virtual trading which is beneficial because you can trade with play money (see #9 below). A great tool for comparing online brokers can be found at”

You can begin playing for the future. In this way, though you might not get money immediately, it does set up a system for your benefit later.

Creating a financial basis for a secure future is the entire point of earning more while working. As noted, even full time jobs can’t compensate for the uncertainty and messy nature of the financial world. There’s also no guarantee that being employed full-time means your job will still be there later. Jobs are scarce while those who want them are many. It’s time to begin looking further and deeper in terms of what you should do to help secure your future.