5 clever ways to update your office security

When it comes to keeping your business safe, there’s more to being secure than simply bolting the front door shut when you leave for the day. The threats to your company’s security are multifaceted. Despite all the technology at our disposal, there’s still the physical threat of burglars jamming a crowbar into your business’ window frame to plunder the valuables inside.

And, in this technology-driven environment, there’s the additional risk of cyber criminals hell-bent on hacking your company’s most sensitive information to steal your most valuable identities. In everyday life, security is one thing you have to pay close attention to.  Pay equal attention to personal security as well as the security of office property.

Offices can contain a wide range of valuable items – from computers to legal documents and cash. Many businesses are at risk from employee theft, criminal break-ins and intellectual property theft. As a business owner or professional office manager, what can you do to make sure your office workplace is as secure as it can be?

Here are a few clever ways how you can update your office security.

Employee identity badges

As a business owner, you have to enforce ID and badge requirements. These two items are effective when it comes to controlling access points. It’s best that employees in large companies wear identification cards or badges. This tells other employees that each person is supposed to be there. ID badges maintain professionalism and allow for better security. It sometimes may be tempting to let higher management get into the building without their badge, resist the temptation to do so since it undermines the integrity of the programme in place. If you want to keep your business safe and secure, then you should follow the badge and ID system. Make sure to have the full name and a picture of the employee on the badge.

Invest in an alarm system

Any business can be a target for the theft of stock and trade secrets, not to mention vandalism. For that reason alone, an alarm system should be a priority. The only way to avoid this risk and secure your business is to use a verified monitoring system. This is to ensure when an actual break-in is taking place an alarm is sent to the integrated monitoring system, which then immediately contacts the police.

Install CCTV

Although CCTV images are more often associated with solving crimes rather than preventing them, they remain a significant deterrent. Installing security cameras at your business will help discourage the unscrupulous from setting foot on your property. Those that ignore the cameras are likely to become unwitting reality TV stars thanks to CCTV. If the worst does happen and your premises is broken into, this will help identify the prowlers. CCTV, however, should only be seen as one aspect of the overall security system for your premises; thieves can always cover their faces or keep out of camera shot. It’s important to know exactly where to place the cameras and check that lighting is sufficient. There are video wall controllers available from Oculus that you can install that will help with security checks. Check out how it works and invest in one.

Get the right security company

There are many security companies to choose from, therefore it’s important to use careful consideration when selecting a security provider. By choosing the right security firm you can be certain that your employees and property are secured. It can also help your business in the case of litigation. Contracting the wrong security company without putting in time to check references and perform background checks can have a negative impact on your business. So how do you avoid this mistake? Start by hiring the right security company. Check for references from other users who make use of the same security personnel. Ask how their experiences have been with their security provider

Use effective lighting

With burglaries usually taking place at night, security lighting on the outside of your premises can be an effective deterrent. It’s likely to make burglars feel observed, and therefore vulnerable. It also allows occupants to see anyone who is approaching the building and the spotlights flood high-risk areas.

Considering the complexity of cyber crime, it’s crucial to update the security at your office. But it’s also worthwhile to keep on top of the latest threats to your business and your employees, lest you end up paying the price that comes with a lack of preparedness. As organisations change and grow, so should their security as well. Businesses that don’t prioritise their security are making a big mistake that will cost them a lot of money.