5 security mistakes businesses should avoid

When it comes to keeping your business safe, there’s more to being secure than bolting the front door when you leave for the day. Considering the adaptability and sophistication of modern criminals, it’s easy to understand why your business needs to be on alert to avoid becoming an easy target.

Intruders and thieves are perpetual threats to most businesses. So maintaining security should be a top priority in your business. Threats to your company’s security are multifaceted.

Despite all the technology at our disposal, there’s still the physical threat of burglars jamming a crowbar into your business’ window frame to plunder the valuables inside. But never underestimate the crippling effects of a cyber breach or assume that your company is too small, too big or too protected to become a target.

Here are a few common security mistakes businesses should avoid.

Get the right security company

There are hundreds of security companies available at one’s fingertips but who do you hire? It can sometimes be difficult to find a qualified security company. You should do proper research before contracting one. Take time to look at their references and perform background checks. Look at what other businesses have to say about them. You can avoid this mistake by hiring the right and most qualified security company. If they are as good as they say, then they should have many clients. Check how long the company has been in the business and what their experience is. If you’re a big company then you don’t want to hire a security company who has just started out. Take all these points into consideration.

Make use of CCTV on your premises

Whether you run a company with hundreds of employees or a small restaurant, it’s important to have the best security system. Installing CCTV cameras will monitor IT personnel or any other staff who are managing the large data facilities. It’ll also help discourage unscrupulous characters from setting foot on your property. Those that ignore the cameras are likely to become unwitting reality TV stars thanks to CCTV. Check out how the video wall controller from Oculus works and consider installing one if you don’t already have one. Video wall systems are versatile and can provide benefits for any application and environment.

ID and badge requirements

Many might think it’s old-fashion to wear a badge to work but this is one way to secure your business. You have to enforce ID and badge requirements. When it comes to controlling access points, then these two are effective. It may sometimes be tempting to let higher management get into the building without their badge, resist the temptation to do so since it undermines the integrity of the programme in place. And what counts for the one, counts for everyone. Always ensure that you follow the badge and ID programme to keep your business safe and secure.

Make sure all access points are secured

If your business has more than one entrance and exit, then you should make sure all access points are secured. If you fail to secure all these entrances, including emergency exits, it’ll poses a huge security risk. The risk will allow unauthorised individuals to gain access to your company’s premises. To avoid this, you should ensure that all access points are secured, controlled and fitted with the best security systems with fewer active entrances. If you have more than one main gate, then it might be wise to place security guards at these entrances. But the fewer active access points you have, the more secure your business will be.

Consider a screening policy

It might be better to put in place a hiring screening policy. Business owners often always think about criminals outside the workplace but what about those on the inside? Hiring less than upstanding employees poses a security risk as your business isn’t protected from these potential insider crime. If an employee steals from your business or worse, it will have a negative impact on your business. To avoid this mistake, you should put in place a screening policy that includes criminal records and reference checks. Also ask for copies of any relevant certifications or credentials to verify their achievements as listed on their CV and application.

Is your business guilty of these common business security mistakes? Well, then it’s time to pay attention to security. Identifying these security mistakes and taking the necessary steps in fixing them will help you avoid a large number of problems from occurring in your business. As your business changes and grows, so should your security strategy as well. If you don’t make security a priority, it’ll cost you a lot of money in the end.

Security risks don’t feel real until you experience a loss. When you don’t take the security issues of your business seriously, it could create a larger burden for your business. Make an informed choice so you can protect your business from possible threats.

Startups, improve your time management

workIf that headline caught your attention, it’s very likely you’re a busy entrepreneur.

Because, let’s face it, when you’re trying to get a business up and running, there isn’t time for much.

You’re probably spending your days trying to cram as much work as possible into the shortest amount of time.

And it’s very likely you’re still working your 9am to 5pm so that you can keep paying your bills.

But are you really making the most of all the time you have? Many of us spend much of our time flitting between tasks. We switch between social networks, checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, before starting at the beginning again. This is not a productive use of your time. And that’s why you need some help to convince you out of your cycle of wasting time. After all, it can incredibly difficult to focus on your priorities, like applying for machinery asset finance or hiring the right staff members, if you’re spending your time answering phone calls and reading emails.

One of the earliest examples of time management is of US founding father Benjamin Franklin. At a young age, he decided to set himself tasks to improve the quality of his life. He decided to focus on 13 character traits, one per week. He repeated this cycle four times over the course of a year. Franklin noted where he’d failed and succeeded. He eventually realised that perfection was never possible but was pleased to see he’d made improvements. Throughout this experiment, Franklin woke early, worked consistently throughout the day, thought about his work and the progress he’d made, and ensured he had a good night’s rest. His many inventions include the Franklin stove, bifocals and the lightning rod. So, this is a clearly a man who knew a thing or two about time management and the value of hard work. Here are some of the ways you can use his methods to improve time management in your daily life.

Meeting free days

It has become increasingly popular recently for workers to arrange their schedules to include meeting free days. In this way, you can be sure you can focus on your work without being distracted by a never ending stream of meetings. Let’s face it, meetings can often be an incredible waste of time and always are a massive distraction from focusing on work. Popular days to plan to avoid meetings are Monday and Friday. In this way, you can plan the upcoming week and reflect on the week that was.

Schedule meetings for specific times of the day

A good idea is to schedule all of your meetings at specific times of your day so that you know there are other times when you can focus on your work. Plan to hold all your meetings first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon. In this way, you’ll know you have the other portion of the day to get to work.

Limit distractions

We are constantly surrounded by the blinking, buzzing distractions of technology. Your phone wants a piece of you, your email is desperate to get your attention and your Skype is always flashing you away from your work. Close all of these distractions. Hide your cellphone in your desk drawer. It’s not likely that something will go terribly wrong within an hour or two if you don’t respond immediately. We have all become far too used to always being available. Remember the days of landline phones? If you weren’t at home, you’d miss the call. The person on the other end would leave a message and you’d return it when you could. Start acting like all of your communication devices work in the same way and you won’t be distracted nearly as much. You’ll be able to get so much more work done if you aren’t being distracted every few minutes.

Work from home on certain days or at certain times

A top tip from many successful entrepreneurs and business owners is to spend the first few hours of your work day at home. The chances of interruption are so much less. When you’re at the office, it’s likely someone will want a piece of your attention every few minutes. By starting the day with an hour or two of uninterrupted work, you’ll likely have the majority of your to-do-list checked off before your colleagues have had their morning coffee.

By just making a few, small changes to your daily schedule, you’ll find your time opens up. Soon, you’ll be able to get so much more work done and feel far less stressed.

You should throw a stellar quarterly staff party

work (2)Every company needs to pay dues to its staff. After all, the success of a business lies in the productivity, determination and loyalty of its staff.

And most business owners know that when the company performs, it’s the staff that must be rewarded in order to keep the successes coming thick and fast.

Now there are many massive corporates who have great reward systems for their star employees. Those who really perform can expect big bonuses, expensive vacations, gift vouchers and so on. These are the incentives created which motivate the staff to continue performing. Similarly, big companies often offer remunerative packages that include benefits which are unheard of elsewhere or in smaller companies.

For instance, a large corporation might offer fully paid for comprehensive medical cover for the staff members and their family. Or they might have a creche and gym situated in their offices to assist their employees. Some might even include healthy lunches served every day and regular visits from a nutritionist and dietician. By including these types of benefits into the package offered to potential employees, these companies are able to attract and retain highly talented individuals and they never struggle to find people.

But your regular, “normal” sized companies can’t always afford to offer these types of benefits. Even those with access to corporate finance, corporate loans and major credit cards. However, every business needs to offer its employees something special without landing in a deluge of debt. Some kind of spoil or break. Something that keeps them motivated and always trying to do better and achieve more. And even for the smallest of companies, making sure that some time and effort is put into a quarterly function can be enough to keep the staff motivated and excited.

So, big or small, make sure you have something lined up for the end of each quarter

But providing your staff with drinks at the office or the local pub simply won’t cut it. It is better to be creative and best to keep it a big surprise. Everyone enjoys the anticipation of a surprise treat, and your staff members are likely to respond positively with lots of excitement when they know they can expect something.

There are themes aplenty

Of course, you can align these staff parties with calendar events. The likes of St Patrick’s Day, Halloween or Easter are easy to use as themes for your staff party. But if you’re stuck for an idea, then simply Google “fun and festive days on the calendar” and you’ll be served up fun ideas like Popcorn Day (19 January), Awkward Moment’s Day (18 March) or even Take Your Dog to Work Day (23 June). With enough creativity and enthusiasm, you can use these suggestions and turn your function into something quite unique and fun.

Learn how to read the room

Creating a stellar quarterly function that gets everyone excited means that you have to pick venues, themes and activities that everyone will enjoy. But this can feel like an impossible task. Time must be spent accounting for the different departments and what the personality types are in those specific areas of the business. So when you decide on something you need to make sure all the different personalities can be accommodated. For instance, you can’t take the whole company river rafting if you are uncertain that the whole company will want to partake in such an activity. But you can take the whole company to the dam for a camping experience that includes river rafting. If your company is small enough, it might be an idea to have a couple of meetings about a variety of ideas and read the response. Alternatively, if the company is rather big, send out an email presenting the different options and ask them to vote for what they’d like to do. Keep the theme a secret until it’s time to send out the invites.


Make it inclusive


Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s always an inclusive experience. Even if you decide to do something “regular”. For instance, if you go out for drinks, dinner and dancing, then just as you would ensure that everyone’s dietary requirements are catered for, make sure that those who don’t drink can enjoy non-alcoholic bubbles. And those who don’t dance can head to a cigar bar or lounge area to relax. If you have an employee who is disabled, then you cannot insist the company goes line dancing. But you could take everyone for a picnic and those active people could try out the ziplining or rock climbing.
Sometimes the most ingenious ideas are the simplest. Consider taking your staff to a Rugby match (but in the bleachers and not in a box so that they feel the “gees”), then out for beers and a real pub dinner afterwards. And, of course, have a shuttle get them all home safely. Or head out to the likes of the Arabella Sheraton where the ladies can all enjoy a treatment at the spa and the guys enjoy some competitive golfing. Everyone can meet up for lunch after.

What every security should know

Some security guards work in high-risk environments,, and they need to be always prepared and alert. Security companies need to make sure that they have fully trained and equipped their security guards with the best resources, in order for them to be at their best. Security guards need to be provided with tools that will equip them with the ability to perform efficiently and effectively. They also need to make sure that they empower themselves so that they can be able to perform the best they can at work.

What they are allowed to do

A security is prohibited by law to arrest anyone. But they are allowed to make citizen’s arrest. They are allowed to ensure that if any person has broken the law, they keep the person guilty under supervision until the police officers arrive. They have to have concrete evidence that the person did commit the act before they can restrain them.


Some security are given permission to use guns, but only in emergency situations, such as premeditated murder.

Security guards also usually carry batons and pepper spray, and flashlights in order to perform their duties.

Roles of security officers

Security officers are meant to investigate and patrol an area, checking for signs of misdemeanour or anyone breaking the law.

They are meant to make sure they take note of anyone entering or leaving a premises. They are supposed to be the eyes and ears of a building. They need to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary occurs. Security guards need to be vigilant at all times. If any strange sounds occurs a security guard should be on high alert. They need to be trained to pay attention to particular sounds. They also need to have good eyesight. Particularly during the night shift when criminals are most active.

Security guards need to ensure that everyone coming in and out of the vicinity can clearly see them. Criminals are not likely to commit an act of crime if a security is nearby. Usually, criminals are just opportunists and if they see that there is no guard they will take their chances. Security guards must be visible.

Banks  and critical research labs are just few of the places that have man traps. And a security guard usually has to monitor who enters and exits.

Security guard need to be good communicators. They are at the front line of a company. They are the first form of contact that clients will communicate with. Therefore they need to be able to engage with people entering the company, and the staff that work at the vicinity. They need to be friendly and approachable.

If an emergency occurs and the security can’t handle it himself, he must call the police immediately.

Security needs to be able to think on the spot if any incident occurs. Therefore they need to be critical thinkers, and be able to think fast. They need to be rational thinkers. They must make sound judgements at all times, because a person’s life could be on the line.

The security guard should equip himself with knowledge on how to deal with certain situations he may come across. He should get the help of an already experienced security guard, who could give him pointers on what to do in certain situations.

Security guards need to ensure that they are physically fit. They must eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. They must make sure that they are in tip top shape because they may find themselves in a position where they have to defend themselves. If they are unfit they may not be able to do their work to the best of their capacity. They may also have to break up fights or chase after criminals their body needs to be in the best shape in order to keep with them

A security guard might find himself put in a place of danger. They need to know how to defend themselves and others nearby. They need to partake in self-defence classes. Security guards have little access to weapons and the defence courses could come in handy when their lives are in danger.

A security guard needs to study thoroughly the policies and procedures of the company that he works for.

The security needs to ensure that he is always in protective gear so that when a situation arises and he needs to chase after an intruder he is prepared. He needs to be comfortable in his clothes and the boots that he is wearing. The boots need to help them adapt in any hard environment that they might find themselves in. Because they are also walking and standing throughout the day happy with their gear.

In order for security guards to provide their optimum performance, they need to have the characteristics that will enable them to work in a high-risk space. It is not only their lives that are stake the people around them.