What every security should know

Some security guards work in high-risk environments,, and they need to be always prepared and alert. Security companies need to make sure that they have fully trained and equipped their security guards with the best resources, in order for them to be at their best. Security guards need to be provided with tools that will equip them with the ability to perform efficiently and effectively. They also need to make sure that they empower themselves so that they can be able to perform the best they can at work.

What they are allowed to do

A security is prohibited by law to arrest anyone. But they are allowed to make citizen’s arrest. They are allowed to ensure that if any person has broken the law, they keep the person guilty under supervision until the police officers arrive. They have to have concrete evidence that the person did commit the act before they can restrain them.


Some security are given permission to use guns, but only in emergency situations, such as premeditated murder.

Security guards also usually carry batons and pepper spray, and flashlights in order to perform their duties.

Roles of security officers

Security officers are meant to investigate and patrol an area, checking for signs of misdemeanour or anyone breaking the law.

They are meant to make sure they take note of anyone entering or leaving a premises. They are supposed to be the eyes and ears of a building. They need to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary occurs. Security guards need to be vigilant at all times. If any strange sounds occurs a security guard should be on high alert. They need to be trained to pay attention to particular sounds. They also need to have good eyesight. Particularly during the night shift when criminals are most active.

Security guards need to ensure that everyone coming in and out of the vicinity can clearly see them. Criminals are not likely to commit an act of crime if a security is nearby. Usually, criminals are just opportunists and if they see that there is no guard they will take their chances. Security guards must be visible.

Banks  and critical research labs are just few of the places that have man traps. And a security guard usually has to monitor who enters and exits.

Security guard need to be good communicators. They are at the front line of a company. They are the first form of contact that clients will communicate with. Therefore they need to be able to engage with people entering the company, and the staff that work at the vicinity. They need to be friendly and approachable.

If an emergency occurs and the security can’t handle it himself, he must call the police immediately.

Security needs to be able to think on the spot if any incident occurs. Therefore they need to be critical thinkers, and be able to think fast. They need to be rational thinkers. They must make sound judgements at all times, because a person’s life could be on the line.

The security guard should equip himself with knowledge on how to deal with certain situations he may come across. He should get the help of an already experienced security guard, who could give him pointers on what to do in certain situations.

Security guards need to ensure that they are physically fit. They must eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. They must make sure that they are in tip top shape because they may find themselves in a position where they have to defend themselves. If they are unfit they may not be able to do their work to the best of their capacity. They may also have to break up fights or chase after criminals their body needs to be in the best shape in order to keep with them

A security guard might find himself put in a place of danger. They need to know how to defend themselves and others nearby. They need to partake in self-defence classes. Security guards have little access to weapons and the defence courses could come in handy when their lives are in danger.

A security guard needs to study thoroughly the policies and procedures of the company that he works for.

The security needs to ensure that he is always in protective gear so that when a situation arises and he needs to chase after an intruder he is prepared. He needs to be comfortable in his clothes and the boots that he is wearing. The boots need to help them adapt in any hard environment that they might find themselves in. Because they are also walking and standing throughout the day happy with their gear.

In order for security guards to provide their optimum performance, they need to have the characteristics that will enable them to work in a high-risk space. It is not only their lives that are stake the people around them.