You should throw a stellar quarterly staff party

work (2)Every company needs to pay dues to its staff. After all, the success of a business lies in the productivity, determination and loyalty of its staff.

And most business owners know that when the company performs, it’s the staff that must be rewarded in order to keep the successes coming thick and fast.

Now there are many massive corporates who have great reward systems for their star employees. Those who really perform can expect big bonuses, expensive vacations, gift vouchers and so on. These are the incentives created which motivate the staff to continue performing. Similarly, big companies often offer remunerative packages that include benefits which are unheard of elsewhere or in smaller companies.

For instance, a large corporation might offer fully paid for comprehensive medical cover for the staff members and their family. Or they might have a creche and gym situated in their offices to assist their employees. Some might even include healthy lunches served every day and regular visits from a nutritionist and dietician. By including these types of benefits into the package offered to potential employees, these companies are able to attract and retain highly talented individuals and they never struggle to find people.

But your regular, “normal” sized companies can’t always afford to offer these types of benefits. Even those with access to corporate finance, corporate loans and major credit cards. However, every business needs to offer its employees something special without landing in a deluge of debt. Some kind of spoil or break. Something that keeps them motivated and always trying to do better and achieve more. And even for the smallest of companies, making sure that some time and effort is put into a quarterly function can be enough to keep the staff motivated and excited.

So, big or small, make sure you have something lined up for the end of each quarter

But providing your staff with drinks at the office or the local pub simply won’t cut it. It is better to be creative and best to keep it a big surprise. Everyone enjoys the anticipation of a surprise treat, and your staff members are likely to respond positively with lots of excitement when they know they can expect something.

There are themes aplenty

Of course, you can align these staff parties with calendar events. The likes of St Patrick’s Day, Halloween or Easter are easy to use as themes for your staff party. But if you’re stuck for an idea, then simply Google “fun and festive days on the calendar” and you’ll be served up fun ideas like Popcorn Day (19 January), Awkward Moment’s Day (18 March) or even Take Your Dog to Work Day (23 June). With enough creativity and enthusiasm, you can use these suggestions and turn your function into something quite unique and fun.

Learn how to read the room

Creating a stellar quarterly function that gets everyone excited means that you have to pick venues, themes and activities that everyone will enjoy. But this can feel like an impossible task. Time must be spent accounting for the different departments and what the personality types are in those specific areas of the business. So when you decide on something you need to make sure all the different personalities can be accommodated. For instance, you can’t take the whole company river rafting if you are uncertain that the whole company will want to partake in such an activity. But you can take the whole company to the dam for a camping experience that includes river rafting. If your company is small enough, it might be an idea to have a couple of meetings about a variety of ideas and read the response. Alternatively, if the company is rather big, send out an email presenting the different options and ask them to vote for what they’d like to do. Keep the theme a secret until it’s time to send out the invites.


Make it inclusive


Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s always an inclusive experience. Even if you decide to do something “regular”. For instance, if you go out for drinks, dinner and dancing, then just as you would ensure that everyone’s dietary requirements are catered for, make sure that those who don’t drink can enjoy non-alcoholic bubbles. And those who don’t dance can head to a cigar bar or lounge area to relax. If you have an employee who is disabled, then you cannot insist the company goes line dancing. But you could take everyone for a picnic and those active people could try out the ziplining or rock climbing.
Sometimes the most ingenious ideas are the simplest. Consider taking your staff to a Rugby match (but in the bleachers and not in a box so that they feel the “gees”), then out for beers and a real pub dinner afterwards. And, of course, have a shuttle get them all home safely. Or head out to the likes of the Arabella Sheraton where the ladies can all enjoy a treatment at the spa and the guys enjoy some competitive golfing. Everyone can meet up for lunch after.