5 security mistakes businesses should avoid

When it comes to keeping your business safe, there’s more to being secure than bolting the front door when you leave for the day. Considering the adaptability and sophistication of modern criminals, it’s easy to understand why your business needs to be on alert to avoid becoming an easy target.

Intruders and thieves are perpetual threats to most businesses. So maintaining security should be a top priority in your business. Threats to your company’s security are multifaceted.

Despite all the technology at our disposal, there’s still the physical threat of burglars jamming a crowbar into your business’ window frame to plunder the valuables inside. But never underestimate the crippling effects of a cyber breach or assume that your company is too small, too big or too protected to become a target.

Here are a few common security mistakes businesses should avoid.

Get the right security company

There are hundreds of security companies available at one’s fingertips but who do you hire? It can sometimes be difficult to find a qualified security company. You should do proper research before contracting one. Take time to look at their references and perform background checks. Look at what other businesses have to say about them. You can avoid this mistake by hiring the right and most qualified security company. If they are as good as they say, then they should have many clients. Check how long the company has been in the business and what their experience is. If you’re a big company then you don’t want to hire a security company who has just started out. Take all these points into consideration.

Make use of CCTV on your premises

Whether you run a company with hundreds of employees or a small restaurant, it’s important to have the best security system. Installing CCTV cameras will monitor IT personnel or any other staff who are managing the large data facilities. It’ll also help discourage unscrupulous characters from setting foot on your property. Those that ignore the cameras are likely to become unwitting reality TV stars thanks to CCTV. Check out how the video wall controller from Oculus works and consider installing one if you don’t already have one. Video wall systems are versatile and can provide benefits for any application and environment.

ID and badge requirements

Many might think it’s old-fashion to wear a badge to work but this is one way to secure your business. You have to enforce ID and badge requirements. When it comes to controlling access points, then these two are effective. It may sometimes be tempting to let higher management get into the building without their badge, resist the temptation to do so since it undermines the integrity of the programme in place. And what counts for the one, counts for everyone. Always ensure that you follow the badge and ID programme to keep your business safe and secure.

Make sure all access points are secured

If your business has more than one entrance and exit, then you should make sure all access points are secured. If you fail to secure all these entrances, including emergency exits, it’ll poses a huge security risk. The risk will allow unauthorised individuals to gain access to your company’s premises. To avoid this, you should ensure that all access points are secured, controlled and fitted with the best security systems with fewer active entrances. If you have more than one main gate, then it might be wise to place security guards at these entrances. But the fewer active access points you have, the more secure your business will be.

Consider a screening policy

It might be better to put in place a hiring screening policy. Business owners often always think about criminals outside the workplace but what about those on the inside? Hiring less than upstanding employees poses a security risk as your business isn’t protected from these potential insider crime. If an employee steals from your business or worse, it will have a negative impact on your business. To avoid this mistake, you should put in place a screening policy that includes criminal records and reference checks. Also ask for copies of any relevant certifications or credentials to verify their achievements as listed on their CV and application.

Is your business guilty of these common business security mistakes? Well, then it’s time to pay attention to security. Identifying these security mistakes and taking the necessary steps in fixing them will help you avoid a large number of problems from occurring in your business. As your business changes and grows, so should your security strategy as well. If you don’t make security a priority, it’ll cost you a lot of money in the end.

Security risks don’t feel real until you experience a loss. When you don’t take the security issues of your business seriously, it could create a larger burden for your business. Make an informed choice so you can protect your business from possible threats.