Key ways to run your business

Running a business can be stressful. But if you do it right, you’ll be rewarded with success. It’s important to pay special attention to the customer and to know what they want. Remember that old adage, about the customer always being right? Well it should be applied in every business that wants to be successful. Providing excellent service will keep your customer coming back for more.

And it’s also essential to take care of your employees. The happier they are the more productive your office will be. There are many tools that could be used to make your business thrive.

Knowing your product

When you have a business you need to make sure that your team has an understanding of how your product works. A customer might not be interested in a product at first but the more you sell the product to them the more they may be persuaded. If you promote features of the product that a customer may be interested in, you can end up persuading them to buy it. In order to achieve this, you need to know the ins and outs of your product. You need to have a lot of knowledge about how your product works and its benefits.

For example, if you have a tech company and your team doesn’t know how to use the very technology they are trying to convince the consumer to buy. It might lead to a loss of a sale. To improve on their knowledge, you can create tests that’ll assess their knowledge of the product. You can also help them take courses and make them go to trade conventions where they can learn more about the product.

Take care of your employees

Make sure that the people who work for you are looked after and in turn they’ll look after the company for you.They’ll be the ones dealing with customers and helping bring in business. The more satisfied your employees are, the more productive they’ll be. If an employee feels validated by their manager they’ll be more diligent. And they’ll also probably be more loyal to the company as a whole. Offer incentives and rewards that’ll acknowledge your employee’s hard work. The more they feel appreciated and that their work is recognised, the more they’ll give back to the company. Happy employees build a happy company.


Pay attention to customer feedback, this could give you a clear indication of how you should steer as a business. Feedback can give insight into customers’ needs and what they fully require in a product. A business can lose a loyal customer over one flaw. It’s important to retain customer loyalty in your business, so it’s vital to ensure you take their feedback seriously.

Speaking of feedback, you need to also embrace staff feedback. Especially if they have direct contact with customers.

You need to train your staff on how to deal with clients. And that includes everyone from the security guard who lets people into building to management. Everyone working in the company needs to be trained on how to engage with consumers.


You can lose a valuable customer because of an employee’s bad attitude. The employees need to make sure that the customers feel that they are validated and listened to.

If your employees chat amongst themselves or pay attention to their cell phone the entire time that they’re supposed to be attending a client, the customer could end his loyalty to your business. Customers need to be feel validated and as if their needs are met. Satisfied customers will boost your sales.

Find a way to lower your costs

There are many ways to cut down on business costs. And you should try assess your business to find ways that you can minimise some expenditures in your business.

Instead of buying a car you can lease it. There are many advantages to leasing the business car. If you lease your car, it’s cheaper because the monthly payments are lower. And you get to drive a better model for a cheaper price. The maintenance of the car will also be taken care of by your dealerships so you don’t have to worry about service.

You can cut down on marketing costs. Technology has made life so much easier for businesses. A business can just use social media and blogging to advertise instead of traditional marketing. And in this way the budget for marketing is cut down.

You can also co-share your office space with another company and this’ll reduce your overhead costs.

A business is filled with daily challenges. It’s fairly normal for a business to experience ups and downs. But many pitfalls can be avoided by applying basic business principles to your business.