Is your security system infrastructure in place?

security-265130_960_720Security is not always the first thing new business owners think about. In fact, it’s often the last thing they think of but it’s good plan to have in place from the beginning. When you create your workspace there is a lot of administration to take care of. You’ll need to begin setting up your phone lines, internet connection, choosing your furnishings and having the workspace branded. During this time you should begin considering the various security methods you’d like in place. Of course, these differ depending on where you are based.


If you decide to rent an office in a building filled with other companies, the security and internet connection will probably be up and running already. If you decide to find an office that is freestanding then you’ll need to set up these things, and more, yourself. This requires you having many long winded talks with your rental agent or landlord. So if you’re thinking about security but you don’t know where to start then here are the basics you’ll need to consider.




Video surveillance cameras are important. They will protect you against crimes such as theft and vandalism, but they also deter prospecting criminals from even attempting to enter the premises. If you install surveillance cameras then you should invest in a video wall controller and recording system so that you may view activities happening throughout your workspace. It can also help to resolve serious employee conflicts and helps to make employees who are working after hours feel safer.


Access control


Access control systems should be installed at your entrances and exits. These may be in the form of an access tag system, a fingerprint installation or even a simple turnstile. You need to create safety barriers. Making sure access control systems are situated at entrances, exits and any other sensitive areas in your workspace aso indicates to passersby that your premises is secured.


Alarm system


Installing an alarm system that is connected to your neighbourhood watch service is an excellent idea. This is one of the best ways to ensure your property is protected from a burglary, a holdup or any other type of unauthorised entry. You can opt for systems that allow you to remotely monitor your premises if necessary. Also when these systems are triggered the neighbourhood watch is immediately notified, which means someone will address the problem within minutes of it occurring.  


Fire and safety


Being equipped to handle a fire and to save your employees in the event of an accident is extremely important. You need fire alarms installed throughout your workspace to detect smoke the minute it occurs. Smoke inhalation can be fatal and as dangerous as suffering a burn. You must have the alarms monitored by an inspection service. If you happen to store hazardous materials on site then you should consider a hazmat kit that will help you clean up oil, flammables and other dangerous substances.


There are many different types of security systems on the market. You need to do your research to find out what’s most suitable to your business. Also, consider your insurance and what they require in terms of security systems – they won’t cover you in the event of a disaster or criminal activity if you don’t have the correct cover in place.